“Nina can rescue a sinking ship.” – T. C.


‘With the demands of life and little time to process my study thoughts and findings into words, I struggled with getting my wording just right to meet many of the NCU requirements. However, Dr. Moliver was right there to help pick up the slack! She is an amazing editor with an eagle eye for grammar errors, a talent for understanding what you were “trying to say” and translating it into “writing with clarity”, and a gift for ensuring alignment.

‘Although my chair was great, I found that Dr. Moliver knows the NCU requirements better than some of my past mentors and could dedicate more one-to-one attention toward making rapid progress. To simplify your life and to save time and money in the long run, I recommend that you use her services from the beginning of your research concept and dissertation proposal processes rather than waiting until the end.

‘Thank you Dr. Moliver: for always being there for my panicked calls and emails, for putting in overtime to assist me in meeting tight deadlines, and for helping me pass the finish line.’ – Nikia L. Soares-Robinson, PhD 😉


“Dr. Nina Moliver is the perfect, amicable, and complete professional in the area of dissertation editing you would like to have.  Her editing skills are remarkable, and her outstanding knowledge in areas of the NCU dissertation process makes her the best in the field.  She possesses the advanced knowledge required to edit all areas of the dissertation. She is professional, she knows the APA 6 very well, she is affordable, and she is full of courageous ideas to help any doctoral candidate achieve his or her dreams.  She will make your dream of achieving a terminal degree come true.  She is also excellent in taking the dissertation frustration from you and is perfect in coaching you through the final defense process.”  -M. Kabia, Northcentral University  

“In five years of the doctoral program I have spoken to numerous people who claimed to be professional editors.  No one else has given me as much advice or has led me to the right path of aligning my dissertation proposal.  Dr. Moliver read every single line of my proposal and pointed me to the right directions in the process. Thank you, Dr. Moliver, and I hope to work with you again.”  –Michelle K.

“During my Ph.D. studies, I was very fortunate to have Nina Moliver edit my dissertation.  Nina found and corrected significant errors in my research methodology and statistical procedures. While remaining true to my material, wording, and intentions, Nina also helped me write the contents of the dissertation in a way that was academically and professionally sound.  My dissertation was able to pass the stringent review of the university review boards within just one review. I have already recommended a few Ph.D. students to use her service and will continue to recommend her to anyone.”  –Saiyoot Nakkhongkham, Ph.D., Honolulu, HI

“Nina is a lifesaver!  She is extremely good in the service she renders.  Nina is a true Godsend to all who come her way.  She is always patient and answers ALL questions, sometimes even more than once.  She will abide with you and see you through to success.  Nina helped me keep my dissertation from being impractical and unwieldy.  I could not have done the dissertation perfectly without her.  If you are lost, wondering if Nina is the right choice, if you ever want results, consider NINA.  This decision will save you time, frustration, and money in the long run, as the sooner you graduate, the sooner you get a REAL reward for your investment! Her consulting is top rate and I recommend her services.”   –E. A., Ph.D.

“I couldn’t have asked for more from a dissertation coach.  Nina was quick to respond to me and always provided quality support and advice.  I felt like she cared about my work and success.  Nina’s editing skills are superb!”   – Amy H.,Ph.D.,Winston-Salem, NC

“I won the Author of Excellence award from the Delta Mu Delta business honor society at Northcentral University in 2013 for my doctoral dissertation. Dr. Moliver’s assistance was the single most important factor contributing to my success.” – John Watson, Ph.D., Tabor City, NC

“I completed my Ph.D. from NCU, and Nina Moliver was my editor. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!! I actually used EDIT 911 before I used Nina and they were great. However, they really focus only on editing grammatical issues … Nina is great and will lead you to the promised land. She knows the NCU way, she knows her stuff, and she will make sure that your chapters flow in a scholarly way. …Nina can rescue a sinking ship.” – T. C.

“If not for Nina’s excellent support I doubt I would have been able to complete the daunting editing process that was required to complete my doctoral dissertation.  Her work was timely and accurate, and often included superb suggestions.  I give her the highest marks for her very professional writing skills.” – Lucinda Woerner, Ph.D., San Jose, CA

“The gift of any great teacher is to bring a degree of lucidity to a subject that students feel is overwhelmingly challenging, difficult, or nearly impossible to understand, and certainly to master.  The beauty of working with Dr. Moliver goes beyond her wonderful gift of bringing clarity to difficult concepts.  Dr. Moliver also inspires confidence in her students that they can take this understanding and apply it to their future learning.”   – G.L. Madler, Ph.D., Columbus, GA

“Without Nina’s help editing my dissertation proposal, I would have missed so many important requirements.  She not only was helpful with editing my work, she also provided critical contextual guidance.  I literally sleep better knowing Nina is reviewing my work.  I consider her a team member.  I can honestly say that she has been more helpful to me than anyone else. I struggled with APA format and also with meeting NCU’s DP requirements, but Nina has mastered both. My DP reads more professionally and smoothly….Nina is the best editor out there.  She is conscientious and meticulous, and provides critical and necessary feedback. Writing a dissertation can be a lonely process, and having Nina work with me has made the process more manageable.  I know I can get through it with her help….I have already recommended Nina to other colleagues working on their doctorates because she is the best….When Nina accepts you as a client, she makes a commitment to see you through to the end.  I feel like a burden has been lifted because I do not have to memorize the APA Style 6th Edition Handbook.  She knows what is important in a dissertation because she has recently been through the very same process.” – Cindi Nadelman, Henniker, NH

“I would like to thank you, Dr. Moliver, for mentoring and assisting me in the final approach to satisfying the requirements for the successful completion of the doctoral program at Northcentral.  Your methodical expertise and encouragement were key factors in enabling me to persevere in the completion of my studies.  I am grateful to you for your systematic guidance and patient counsel at the many crossroads encountered in preparing for the submission of my dissertation. Your support will always be appreciated and remembered.”   – Kyong C. Beach, Ed.D.

“Having an editor whom you can trust and who provides immediate feedback is a critical part to maneuvering the dissertation process.  An editor is more than someone who just reads your work and provides comments.  A true editor is someone who takes a personal stake in your work, one who sees your work as his or her own.  Dr. Nina Moliver is such a person – thorough, insightful, direct – one who offers the technical and intellectual support you demand across the entire span of your research.”
T. Carver, NCU Doctoral Candidate, Tokyo, Japan

“In my encounters with Dr. Nina Moliver, I greatly appreciate her willingness to help in a compassionate way while projecting excellent mentorship.  Nina is very knowledgeable and capable.  She provides information with passion and leads with integrity.  Nina is committed to excellence.”  –Sophie V., Philadelphia, PA

“Dr. Nina Moliver is a skilled, competent, and careful editor. She is always on top of her game for each and every job. She is very thorough in correcting and editing grammatically, and also gives very helpful comments and suggestions regarding content.  As a foreign student, I found the excellent editing of Dr. Nina Moliver invaluable in preparing to submit my thesis.  I try to use her exclusively for all my work.”  – R. E.

“Dr. Nina Moliver has been my editor for well over a year now and she is nothing short of fantastic in her work.  She is an expert in APA formatting and research methodology.  Her prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend her for any of your dissertation editing needs.”   – Kevin Scott, San Marino, CA

“Dr. Moliver made a significant individual contribution to my development, helping me to conduct and convey my research in a most professional manner.  Dr. Moliver possesses a unique combination of knowledge and skills that should serve to upgrade your work significantly and will undoubtedly lead to an enhancement of your professional development as a researcher.”   –T. Blanchard, D.B.A, Tucson, AZ

“Dr. Nina provides excellent service and is great to work with.  She gave my paper personal attention and provided supportive ideas and suggestions on moving ahead.  She also has an excellent grasp of the APA writing style. I will continue to use her services as required.”  – B. O., Lagos

“Nina, I found your attention to detail and thoughtful feedback the critical elements that I needed to finalize my Dissertation Proposal, in preparation for Board review. Your professionalism has been wonderful and it has been a pleasure to be associated with you.  Thanks for all of your efforts and care, which have helped me reach the next plateau in my work. I look forward to continued collaboration with you.”   –J. Box

“While working toward my doctoral degree, I felt I needed a professional to look over the first phase of my dissertation, the Concept Paper.  I hired Dr. Moliver to edit my paper.  Her quick turnaround time and excellent feedback allowed me to complete this portion of the dissertation in a very timely manner.  As I moved along through the chapters of my dissertation, I hired Dr. Moliver to assist me in analyzing the data and editing the last few chapters of the dissertation.  I am grateful to Dr. Moliver and her dedication in editing my paper to perfection. I completed the doctoral program in May, 2010, taking me one complete year to write the dissertation.  Thank you, Dr. Moliver, for your expertise!”  – L. Henson,  Ed.D., Sports Administration, Buford, GA

“Nina, thank you so much for all of your help throughout the dissertation process.  You have such a gift for revising, editing, and arranging information at the scholarly level.  Also, understanding NCU policies and keeping up with the ever changing guidelines made your services a vital asset.  You made the dissertation process bearable!”  – Dr. Christi, Clarksburg, MD

“I have known and worked with Nina for several years. She is an exceptional person to work with. Her knowledge and understanding of research design and analysis is excellent.  However, that is not her only virtue.  In addition, she is creative, patient, and honest.  These characteristics recommend her as a collaborator for any project you wish to undertake.”  – S. L.

“I finished my dissertation in June 2010 and with the help of Nina Moliver my dissertation was written exceptionally well.  Writing was never one of my strong points, and when it came time for my big dissertation writing, I really needed help. When I wrote my first draft, before I met Nina, my dissertation committee returned it to me requesting 250 changes.  After I made those changes and resubmitted my new revision, my dissertation committee requested another 100 changes.  At that moment I knew for sure I was not up to the task of completing my dissertation without the help of a world-class editor.  Nina put all my writings into the current APA format, and she was able to piece together my gibberish and make sense out of it.  I highly, highly, highly recommend Nina Moliver as a top-notch editor.  Nina, I don’t think I could have completed my dissertation without your help.”   – Dr. Dave Plumer, Springfield, VA

“The services provided by Dr. Moliver were professional, thorough, timely, and reasonably priced.  While I considered myself a good writer, Dr. Moliver provided suggestions that made my dissertation even better!  I recommend her without reservation.”  – Dr. Cindy J. Berck